What is QR and how it works


What is QR and how it works

         What is QR code and how it works

We mainly hear about many times about  QR code but we don't know what is this QR code and how it works's so lets understand that what is QR code and how it works.

This is the most easy and effective way to store and share data through very small code.
Many of the business companies and website use this for share their data or info through very easily

What is QR code

QR code is stand for quick responsive code in which a squarish type structure is seen in which there are many dots are available.

Basically the QR is used for storing the large information and share with another person it is much better than barcode .

You can even store the data if the code is tear or erase.It is use for storing large amount of information and it is easy to use if you want to read about any product or anything else than you have to just scan the QR code and through QR code scanner  it show all the related data.

How QR code works

In QR code basically three square box are available and their are block of 8 on each segment and it move in a particular pattern and basically we count the black for the information.

For example if the black is present on 1st,3rd 8th and 12th then we add it and in skey numbers the meaning is "hello" then that particular  portion  contain the information of hello.

For reading this type of data we need a QR code scanner which you can download in your phone and in some phone it comes inbuilt in the phone

Uses of QR code

Their are many uses of barcode like in visiting card ,Business card ,you can also create your own QR code and you can store your personal data like your WiFi password, your personal data,Resume and etc.

It is also used for tracking the people like you have the website and you put the QR code on the website then you can easily track the people who scanning your code and using it.

This are the full detail about QR code in short I hope you understand it properly.

If there are any query comment down below I definitely reply your comment.

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