What is cyber attacks and how it is increasing


What is cyber attacks and how it is increasing

What is cyber attacks and how it is increasing 

We know that cyber attack is increasing day by day and this is due to the number of people is increasing who are using internet more and more.

Cyber attack is define as the attack which is related to computer,,PC,Laptop,tablet and etc in which the users data is compromise or the privacy of the user is hacked by the third person it is called cyber crime and the process of doing this activity called cyber attack

The cyber attack is perform by hackers who stole the data,insert the virus or spamming on the site.

When we built a site or other program the vulnerability in the program help the hackers to hack the site.Vulnerability is the main reason of cyber attack.

Many of the other big site also get hacked due to proper care of site the vulnerability in the program give access to the cyber crime.

Their are two types of hacker white and black hat hackers.

The white hat hackers aware the such huge companies and show him the error they find the problem in the site and aware them to correct them.

But black hat hackers are very clever and they harm the people's data by stoleing it they hack the site and collect all the user data and sell to the other members.

For controlling the cyber attack we have to visit only those site which have https certification don't click on the suspicious adds use only trusted apps and browser and keep backup of your data and be aware about it. 

So be aware and I personally recommend you that use trusted apps or other website which have a proper certification otherwise it can harm you

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