What is chromecast and how it works


What is chromecast and how it works

          What is chromecast and how it works


Chromecast is a streaming adapter from google in which by plugging in the HDMI port of your tv you can make it smart it show's you all the content which a smart tv show this chromecast is mainly design for the non smart tv the normal LED tv which are used in mainly most in some countries.

There are many ways that you can stream your device there are many apps like youtube,Netflix,Hotstar and etc and also by using your chrome browser you can access it smoothly because there is a casting option inbuilt in the browser.

Another option for chromecast is with your phone you can use it for watching the exact same content of mobile phone on your tv.


The performance is also used if you used with the service provided by google but if you use it with third party apps like netflix and savn you may have face so much time while casting.

When I personally use the device sometimes with my phone it lags and for solving this problem I just reboot the device and connect it.

For casting well and proper from your phone the wifi connection should be proper because if the connection is not proper than it lags and it can't cast the content properly.

The main advantage of this device is there price tag which is nearly 1200 Rs which is 18$ to 1400 which is 22$ quite a good for this.

You can check the chromecast from here Here

Google just announce the new 3rd generation google chromecast which has same size like 2nd generation but the performance of the new one is 15 more than previous one. Chromecast contains smooth streaming in 1080p at 60 frames per second giving you lifelike image.

New chromecast and google  home work seamlessly you just have to say the content word and it automatically show you on screen with the help of google assistant.

The new google chromecast comes in two colour variant first one is white and second one is charcoal black   which is very interesting colour

The new chromecast gives you minor improvement with better price.

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