SEND FREE SMS ??

Many times we need to send SMS urgently but we are not able to send either it is sms pack limit over or there is no sms data in that situation we need a tool that can send the SMS for charging without any text.
So there is a tool that can send free SMS at any time, anywhere and unlimitedely.So lets talk about that tool.

Free tool

Way2sms is the free tool to send free sms in any condition it is simple and easy to use .Now this app's name is changed and now it is name as Way2news so don't get confused.

You can download the official app or you can also visit the Site 
When you used it internet connection is required and you can send unlimited sms from this app.

When you enter the site or app than this type of interface is appear on the screen.

You have to register in this app or site which is very easy it ask some common information you have to just fill all the data and click on register now.

In app you can also read news I personally use app because it also gives news update with free sms you have to just click on the message icon of the app than by registering you are able to send unlimited message.

The limitation of these app is that you can only type max 140 character in a single message which is enough for a single user.

When you send message from this app than your number is also display to the user and a short link of downloading app is also availabel there.

Now for trust the app has 4.1 rating on google play store which is very good and also more than 10M+ Download which make this app trusted.

I personally use this app from one year and there is no problem this app is most easy and simple to use which solve our problem and send unlimited free sms.

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