Pocophone f1 Screen bleeding issue


Pocophone f1 Screen bleeding issue

Pocophone F1:Screen bleeding issue


POCOPHONE F1 is just killed all the smartphone weather it is mid-range phone or flagship grade phone because this phone has the mid-range price and have flagship grade feature like snapdragon 845.

I personally recommend you guys for this in this price segment.But as the time is passing some issues are emerging in the phone which is a serious problem.

Many of the user are complaining that they are facing screen bleeding issue in their phone and many of the user also complain that when they watch videos on Netflix they didn't able to stream the video in HD they just support only 540P which is also a minor issue which effect user experience

Now lets talk about that what is screen bleeding issue and how we can solve this.

What is screen bleeding ??


Screen bleeding issue is not a big problem if you are not a heavy user in screen bleeding your phone is split white colour on your screen from the side of the phone.

For checking this you have to just click on the power button of you phone then absorb the corner of the phone if the white colour is emerging from the phone then your phone is suffering from screen bleeding issue 

For the sample you can also check in the upper sample image.

How this issue emerge and we can fix it

This issue emerge in your phone when you use phone so much.Heavy user has the so many chances of screen bleeding and time to time the bleeding is increase and it spread in all over the screen.

But don't worry this issue can be solved by just give your phone to the service center of xiaomi  and it probably solve this problem and you can also wait for the update it can be possible that via through OTA update this issue can be solved.

But in my opinion this issue is related to hardware because display is the part of harware and the issue is increasing day by day if a user use it heavy.So don't need to wait for the OTA update you have to just contact to your nearby service center and it is sure that they gonna help you.


Overall this phone is great and the issue which is disscussed are too much serious because if you are a normal user you even don't find the issue and Netflix is also not very heavy because 540P is OK resolution and many of the user doesn't use Netflix which is not problem for them.

They are giving the some of the best flagship specs in just price of 20999 which is amazing.
The camera is awesome battery is also very good and the processor which is the mian highlight of this phone which is snapdragon 845 can you imagine the snapdragon 845 which is the latest and the most powerful chip of qualcomm is coming in this phone.

Overall guys this phone is still very good and is unbeatable in this price segment.

You can also check the specification from flipkart.com

Comment your thoughts and tell me is you also facing this issue if you are a pocophone user

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