XPICOOC MINI -The best Smart Scale for your health


XPICOOC MINI -The best Smart Scale for your health

XPICOOC MINI is the smart scale which show your weight and also some important parameters of your body.XPICOOC MINI just killed the traditional scale and taking people to be fit digitally for running this scale there is a app required which you can download from your google play and app store.These app tell your body index by digitally.You have to just connect your XPICOOC MINI scale to your smartphone and you can easily see your body stats.

Now some quick features of these XPICOOC MINI is here in the photo

These XPICOOC MINI smart scale is comes in two colours one is black and another one is white.These smart scale has require three battery which are basically AAA battery.The error is nearly 100 gm in these scale.These XPICOOC MINI is come with anti slip technology it means it never slip when you weight on this.It weights very accurately with no error.

After weighing and installing the XPICOOC app you have to pair with it which is very simple you have to just scan the barcode in the app which is present at the back of the scale and after pairing you can see your parameters condition it shows many things like 

1.Your weight                                    7.Bone weight 
2.Body Fat                                         8.Visceral Fat Idex
3.Muscles Condition                         9.Water Content
4.BMR                                              10.BMI
5.Protein                                           11.Metabollic Age

There are also many stuff which are shown by this app but these are the main 

By all this information you can simply calculate your body fitness level and also you can see your  and it show the every factor which can affect your health.There are basically three level red,green,orange.Red show that you are in danger zone.Orange show that you are moving towards bad health and green show that you are healthy

You can also sync your data with google fit to save your data and track your health and also see your trends of your previous year.

And the best part about these scale is that generally the price of smart scale is very high which is nearly 4 to 5 thousand but these smart scale is cost as Rs. 3100 which is quite good And you can easily buy it from aliexpress site 

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