STOCK ANDROID 

 Stock android these is the word that we hear many time but we don't know the meaning.So lets discuss in brief about the stock android,benefits of having stock android and how it works 

Basically stock android is a UI version of google like xiaomi has MIUI,One plus has oxygen os and etc.The company like oppo, vivio, xiaomi and other companies purchase stock android from the google and then customise by itself they make certain changes in the UI like add some gestures, Themes,New apps and etc.

But in the stock android there is no changes are made stock means pure in term of UI and it gives you a very good experience and there are no blotware it is pure and the updates directly come from google firstly.

The stock android phones has a very good performance as compare to other and it's life is longer than custom.The google made update for their stock android then make for custom UI thats why we receive much faster update  in stock phone compare to other.

In stock android only google apps are there no other apps are put in the phone.Stock android gives you a pure feeling of android.The other phones are get slower with time but stock android phones perform well  for a long time.
In custom UI the phone get slower due to other apps given by company which take too much space in the phone and make it little bit laggy.But in stock android no other blotware and customisation so it ran for a long time

This imply that if stock android is a pure thing then custom UI is a mixture. And pure thing always prefer first than other.

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