What is amazon associates and how we can use it to earn money


What is amazon associates and how we can use it to earn money

What is amazon associates and how we can use it to earn money

Amazon associate?? The person who wants to do a free business without  any investment and wants to  earn  a lots of money by doing small effort then amazon associate is the best platform.

What is Amazon associates

Amazon associate is a affiliate marketing program in which you can earn money by just promoting the amazon products from your site, blog, via social media and the person who shop the product from your link the company gives some commission the share of commission is depend upon the product.Many of the popular blogger,youtuber and gamer use this feature to earn money.

How you can become the affiliate or associate member

It is very easy and quick to become the member of the amazon affiliate program.You have to just go to the Amazon associate site and create a account like you create in the Amazon for shopping you have to just fill all the information like your channel name and banking detail the (banking detail is optional you can fill it later) when you create the ID then just simply go to your amazon account logged in with same Id which you use via creating affiliate member
Amazon verify your account and make a new dashboard on your amazon homepage.

How it works ??

When you make the ID then you will see the share on the products than you have to just select the category of product that you want to sell than you have to search that item and the option of creating link appear you have to just click on that link and you have to just post the link on your blog, youtube channel, in mobile app and you can also share in social media platform.

You can also select that how you want to promote via only text,banner,widgets and etc. You can choose the option and then you have to copy the link and pasted in your website,blog,Youtube and at other platform then if any person buy product from your link then amazon will give you some share as a reward.More people buy from your link more will you get share.

By using your website, blog and social media follower or traffic  you can easily gain more and more amount of profit.

How much you can earn??

There is no limit of earning if you have a website or blog then by using your traffic you can easily earn more than your adsense account.Many of the famous blogger and youtuber earn more from affiliate marketing as compare to google adsense.Blogger like harsh aggarwal and other are just earn more from affiliate marketing compare to other source.

So you can start you affiliate program easily it is easy to use and no much effort is require so it is the best and free method to earn money.I personally recommend you to join this program and start earning more and more

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