Many of you user are having new website and blog and wants to increase the traffic on your respective blog and website but this is not happening.Many of you user generally get their traffic from social sites like Facebook,Instagram,twitter,what's app and other social site but they are limited and not enough to get approve for the adsense.

So today I will tell you a site that you can generate traffic legally without any work and it is 100% guarantee that your site will rank and you also get approval from adsense for your blog and site.So friends lets begin

Hitleap is a site which give you free traffic for your site you have to just open the site and then signup for get traffic
When you signup then these type of page open.

When this interface open you have to just click on the buy traffic and then you have to download the Hitleap viewer for your browser there are two options are present

(1)Download for windows
(2)Download for ubantutu

After download you have to just open the viewer and left it for sometime it automatically other site and give you points and then you can convert these points into your traffic you can also earn traffic with the help of referring more will be the point more will be the traffic.
Hitleap give you traffic from many places like US,canada, India and from other countries these also give you traffic from google,yahoo,bing and some other search engine platform.

This is the free version of these site if you like the coming traffic on your site then you can purchase the paid version in which you get some extra bonus bonus points in starting and then you can earn from the html viewer

The work is very simple you have to download for you browser and just left if for running it automatically analyse the other website and give you points which you can easily convert into the traffic.You can add three site maximum where you want to increase the traffic.

There is a option "My website" in which you have to enter your website and blog address for getting traffic when the traffic starting divert on your site it automatically increse your alexa rank and also get you to approval of Adsense for your site

So friends this is the most simple and easy method to earn traffic without giving any extra money and by this you can easily rank your website and earn more  money from your site.

For joining these site you can visit with this link:https://hitleap.com/by/narendaryadav

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