Why xiaomi is the best selling smartphone in india


Why xiaomi is the best selling smartphone in india


We all know that xiaomi is a chinese company and in India it comes in 2013 and in 2017 it becomes the best selling smartphone.And in quarter 2nd of 2018 it beat samsung and  the 60%market share is capture by the xiaomi. And xiaomi CEO just says in his statement that we are taking such not more than 5% profit on their harware which is a very big words said by any mobile  industry CEO.In 2018 in medium smartphone range xiaomi's redmi note 5 pro just killed all the smartphone which are coming in this segment 15 to 20 thousand


In the starting of Q2 of 2018 xiaomi is the world's 4th largest manufacturer in smartphones
Xiaomi is the most selling smartphone in India because they are offering the best value for money deals.The company like samsung,Apple which are taking more price for the same speces  and features whear as the Xiaomi take less price and give more features and Xiaomi has approx 500 service center in india and they are opening more and more center for providing best service.The xiaomi main highlight for their phone is their hardware.YES they are offering the best and latest hardware in their phones and xiaomi is using their own UI which name as MIUI which is quiet stable and in this UI the xiaomi gives different themes,interface and other features which are not in the stock android.Many of the user doesn't prefer custom UI as compare to stock android but people use likely custom.
The combination of their hardware and software optimisation make the phone snappy and lag free which is very important for the user

  1. Xiaomi redmi note 6 & 6 pro
  2. MI 8 &MI 8 SE
  3. Xiaomi Redmi 6A
  4. MI Max 3
  5. XIaomi redmi 6
These are some confirm upcoming smartphone in this year and as seeing the growth of Xiaomi the xiaomi  is just washing the other brand and in the future xiaomi just cover a ll the market share and became best phone in india

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